Astro-Nuts is the eighth episode in Among the Pears series


Amanda has a project where you have to bring something that has to do with space and you have to eat a nut while saying what your thing is about. Wendy builds a rocket that is faster than any rocket in thw world. The Guiness World Records come and take a picture of Wendy. Amanda goes into the rocket. Wendy chases after. Janet and Nick is wondering what is going on. Wendy gave everyone an astromaut suit and was ready for liftoff. Wendy drove to the moon and made Janet be first kid on the moon. Amanda walked off and now was the first teenager on the moon. Amanda finds a nut on the moon! The gang gets in and Nick is still jumping on the moon. Wendy goes and the next day, Amanda shows her thing and found another nut and got an A+.

Episode reference: Astronauts

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